September 2019



As salaam alaikum and welcome to the 2019-20 school year at Masjid Bilal Weekend School. I am excited for our new school year to begin. The first day of classes is Sept 8th. With Classes from 10am-2pm. Please arrive early to help the school, students and teachers start on time. Students are to go upstairs to the morning assembly hall. They will need to check in before entering the hall and receive their name tag. You can find the online registration on the HOME page. 

Should your student not be registered please sign him/her in and fill out the temporary name tag. The student will then proceed to the morning assembly. The parent or guardian should go to the Weekend School Office where you will be given application materials. 

Jazakallah Khair Mrs. Chrystal Said

Masjid Bilal Weekend School Principal

Friendship Day and Ice Cream Social


To kick off the new school year in a sweet way we joined together for an Ice Cream Social and Friendship building Islamic trivia Game. 


Teachers/Assistant Teachers 

Main Dish


Side Dish


Juice Boxes or Small Bottles of Water

1st Grade

Individually Wrapped desserts (Snack cakes, fruit cups, etc.)

2nd Grade

Bread Products (rolls, pita, naan, etc.)

3rd Grade

Individual bags of chips

4th Grade

Fresh Fruit or Vegetables

5th Grade

Paper products (plates, napkins, bowls, cups)

Middle School

Plastic Wear (forks, spoons, knives)

High School

Main Dish

For the first potluck on September 9th we will also be having an Ice Cream Social to celebrate the start of the school year and Eid ul-Adha. The following changes have been made so that the day is a success for our students:

3rdGrade Students

Ice Cream Toppings (small candies, cookies, chocolate syrup, cones, etc)

5thGrade Students

Fruit for Ice Cream (Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, etc)

4thGrade Students

 Ice Cream individual containers (any flavor)

What is coming next month?


 10/6 Potluck/Scavenger Hunt

As part of our monthly potluck we will be having a scavenger hunt. Students will answer questions based upon Islamic lessons and follow clues as groups or teams.

10/13 Pink Hijab Day 

Pink Hijab Day is an annual event throughout the world to bring awareness for Breast Cancer.  

Pink Hijab Day is an initiative that began Hend El-Buri and a group of high school students in Columbia,  Missouri. It was intended to remove stereotypes of Muslim women by  having Muslims engage in dialogue about breast cancer awareness, joining  walks in groups while women wearing pink headscarves and men wear pink kufis (or skull caps), and holding other  events promoting awareness and support for the cause. It takes place at many Islamic schools and student  organizations throughout the United States.

More details of our event will be posted soon

Coming event


September 29 Ramadan Recognition, did your student fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan? Please have them fill out the days they fasted and turn in by Sept 22. All Students that fasted one or more days will be recognized.

School Library


Did you know that the Masjid Bilal Weekend School has a school library? Yes, our library has books for teachers and parents as well as our students. All books that are checked out are to be returned within two weeks.

We welcome donations to our library including:

Islamic story books

Arabic Books

And other Islamic Educational Books

Looking for Student Writers


Would you like to write something for the Weekend School News Letter? 

Suggested Topics:

  • Importance of Islamic Education
  • Changes made at the Weekend School
  • Potlucks and Activities
  • Your favorite Teacher
  • Ramadan
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Hajj
  • Eid ul-Adha
  • An Islamic Lesson you learned

Contact the front office to find out more!


Celebrating Diversity

Why Celebrate Diversity?


The Muslim Ummah is spread throughout the world yet we are all equal in the eyes of Allah. The student population at the Masjid Bilal Weekend School comes from many areas of the world. Therefore, to celebrate the diversity shared by our current and future students we will be using diversity as our theme for the 2019-20 school year. Multicultural education teaches people to acknowledge, embrace, and respect difference. Multicultural education helps teachers come to terms with personal, cultural, and ethnic identity while simultaneously encouraging and providing settings for students to come to terms with their own culture and ethnicity. This will allow for our students to have a strong since of self, understand each other, and teach greater understanding and respect for those that are different from themselves. 

Why, greater understanding of the world around us and ourselves reduces tension, ignorance, and stereotypes. Over time it will also lead to a reduction in prejudicial thoughts, actions, and speech. Leading to an overall reduction in bullying and violence. Prejudicial behavior is a learned behavior and can also be unlearned, no matter the age.

Bullying sometimes involves negative comments about a student's personal attributes and how they are different from other students. 

These negative judgements can relate to:

· appearance & weight

· socio economic status

· ability & disability

· gender

· culture & race

Prejudice-based bullying, also sometimes called bias-based bullying, is bullying related to prejudices that students absorb from the wider social community about the value of diversity in a community. 

Students from a culture, race or religion that differs from the main culture, race or religion at the school are also more likely to be bullied. 

Student bullying is strongly linked to school climate, including how openly difference and diversity are discussed and how much value is placed on respect for diversity and inclusion. Celebrating diversity in schools is the first step towards improving acceptance within society. Teaching children about difference and diversity builds a strong foundation of understanding and provides a set of values that children can take with them throughout life.  

Diversity Calendar



Celebrating Diversity



Friendship Day

Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month



Learn about Revert Muslims

 (Starting with the Ansars)



American Indian Heritage Month



Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month 



Culture Day



African American History Month 



Women’s History Month 



Arab American Heritage Month

National Deaf History Month 

(will include other   disabilities)



Graduation (Students are to dress in their family culture)

Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month

The Story of IslamInSpanish


IslamInSpanish is an educational non-profit organization that was  established out of the need to educate Latinos about Islam in the  Spanish language worldwide after the devastating incident of 9/11. It is  was founded by Mujahid Fletcher, a Colombian convert to Islam who’s  need to share Islam with his father and family led to discover that  there was no material in the Spanish language. After his father’s  conversion 3 months later, both of them and his recently converted wife  all worked together to bring about a balanced understanding of Islam  within a culturally relevant manner which lead to the creation of the  1st cd produced entitled “La Religion de la Verdad” (The Religion of  Truth) which became the means to his wife’s aunt embracing Islam before  her death from Cancer.

The production of that first cd became  distributed to to Spanish-speakers worldwide with great success of  educating and many even accepting the tenants of Islam as their new way  of life. 

IslamInSpanish original mission was to become the trusted  source of Islamic Multimedia resources and products to educate Latinos  in the Spanish language worldwide and to date has produced over 500  audio books, 250+ television shows, and carried out 1000s of live events  in North and Latin America. As a pioneer and leader it seeks to empower  people who will empower their respective communities and bring about a  sense of peace and common-good worldwide by clarifying misconceptions of  Islam and culturally attaching Latinos to their common Islamic roots  historically from Al-Andalus or Andulucia to normalize the notion of  Islam to Spanish-speakers while encouraging universal principles of a  common human good and diversity.

Jaime "Mujahid" Fletcher


 Is originally from Colombia, South America and grew up in Houston since  age 8. He is an Entrepreneur, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach,  International Public Speaker, Multimedia and Film Honors Graduate of the  Art Institute of Houston and founder of the global leading Non-Profit  Organization IslamInSpanish. He has obtained specialized certifications  in Filmmaking from Hollywood’s Screenwriting Doctor Robert McKee and has  invited and accepted into Harvard University’s HIVE Global Leaders  Network program in Boston. He is a media analyst on Univision,  Telemundo, CNN in Spanish, and others. He is one of the few Latino  Muslims to accept Islam in the U.S. just months before September 11th.  He then studied the Arabic language and Quranic studies in Cairo,  Egypt’s Fajr Institute and has learned classical Islamic texts from  diverse national and international notable scholars. His most recent  accomplishment is opening the 1st IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico in the  U.S. a year ago where over 50 people have embraced Islam after  experiencing a new standard welcoming, diverse, and inclusive vibrant  community striving to normalize the image of Islam in America. 

Imam Isa Parad



Born in New York and raised in Houston, Isa Parada was an altar boy at his family’s Roman Catholic parish and after converting to Islam he went on to graduate from Madina University from the faculty of theology and is now an Imam.

His family roots from El Salvador allow him to effectively educate Latinos about Islam as one of our IslamInSpanish instructors locally and nationally while serving as a bridge between the general Muslim community and Latinos. He has played a unique role in developing educational programming as an instructor as well as a community counselor.

Islam in Spanish



It is estimated that around 1000 Latinos who have majority embraced Islam from another faith over the past decade that IslamInSpanish has been carrying out its educational activities in the city of Houston. 

For more information please visit

September Recognition


Ramadan Recognition (September 29)

All students that turn in their Ramadan Fasting Charts with parent signature will receive recognition. Ramadan Charts are located in student folders. If your student needs a new chart please contact the Weekend School Office. Ramadan Charts are due by September 22nd.

Student of the Month (beginning in October)

 Nominations are made by teachers







Middle Boys

Middle Girls 

 High Boys

 High Girls

Teacher of the Month (beginning in October)

Nominations are made by teachers, volunteers, students, and parents at the Weekend School Office

Volunteer of the Month (Beginning in October)

Nominations are made by teachers, volunteers, students, and parents at the Weekend School Office 

Perfect Attendence (beginning in October)

Students will be recognized monthly for perfect attendance