Welcome Principal Chrystal Said


As Salaam Alaikum Teachers and Assistants, Parents and Students;

I  would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself, I am Chrystal  Said and will be inshallah your child’s Masjid Bilal Weekend School  Principal 2018-19. I am looking forward to a very productive year. My  mission and vision is to assist our staff and parents in teaching your  children to be fully devoted followers of Islam.

We know how  much Allah values and loves children and we want to foster this  importance in their Islamic education. Therefore, we emphasize your  important involvement in your child’s Islamic growth so please feel free  to ask me any questions.

In the coming year the Masjid Bilal  Weekend School will be establishing a defined curriculum and learning  objectives for all levels, based upon traditional and innovative  learning. Students will be placed in classes based upon their grade  level and tested to ensure they are receiving adequate Arabic and  Quranic studies. Teachers will receive the training and support they  need to help our students succeed. As well as there will be additional  Islamic enrichment programs for students to participate in such as  Islamic art, games, Pink Hijab Day, Go Red for Heart Health, and Earth  Day just to name a few. A detailed calendar will be placed on the  Weekend School bulletin board as well as updates will be sent regularly  to students, parents, and staff through a newsletter and a web-based  learning program, SunWebApp. The SunWebApp  will be used for registration, fees, attendance, and communication.  This program will also help parents keep up with their student’s  academic grades, progress, and homework.

A bit about me, I have  an Associate of the Arts (AA) degree in Psychology and Bachelor of the  Arts (BA) degree in Middle Eastern History with a minor in Islamic  Studies from the University of Kentucky. And a Master of Science degree  in Human Resources Management (MS HRM) from Strayer University.  Currently I am pursuing a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling (MCC)  from Bellevue University.

I have taught in the public-school  system and for Islamic Sunday schools for since 2005. Concentrating in  the instruction of pre-teen and teen girls. I have been a guest speaker  to help public school teachers find common ground and relate to their  Muslim students more effectively, how our youth can keep an Islamic  identity in Western society, Islamic hygiene, puberty, and Islamic  manners classes. As well as I have written The Muslim Southern Belle Guide for Teens, My Ramadan Passport, and My Islamic Weekend School Passport to Success.

I  was born in Norfolk, VA and grew up in Lexington, KY. For the last few  years I have lived in El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM. My family and I  relocated to Houston June 2015. I am married to Dr. Ali Said and have 5  children (Leonard, Christopher, Noor, Farrah, and Salahuddin).

If you have any questions please feel free to email me,

"Allah grants wisdom to whom He pleases and to whom wisdom is granted indeed he receives an overflowing benefit," Al-Baqarah 269 

Jazakallah kahir,

Chrystal Said