Keeping the Tradition

The first Sunday of the month the Masjid Bilal Weekend School will continue to have our school potluck. All other school days lunch will be provided by the Masjid Bilal Weekend School. 

We highly encourage all parents and volunteers to join in this  community activity. It is through such community gatherings that we can  hope to strengthen the bonds of our ummah. 

For any inquires please contact Principal Chrystal Said at bilalweekendprincipal@gmail.com 

or Sister Yasmin Shafiq at 936-499-9152.


Potluck Assignments


Teachers/Assistant Teachers- Main Dish

Staff/Volunteers-Side Dish

Kindergarten- Juice Boxes or Small Bottles of Water

1st Grade- Individually Wrapped desserts (Snack cakes, fruit cups, etc.)

2nd Grade- Bread Products (rolls, pita, naan, etc.)

3rd Grade- Individual bags of chips

4th Grade- Fresh Fruit or Vegetables

5th Grade- Paper products (plates, napkins, bowls, cups)

Middle School- Plastic Wear (forks, spoons, knives)

High School- Main Dish

For the first potluck on September 9th we will also be having an Ice Cream Social to celebrate the start of the school year and Eid ul-Adha. The following changes have been made so that the day is a success for our students:

3rdGrade Students: Ice Cream Toppings (small candies, cookies, chocolate syrup, cones, etc)

5thGrade Students: Fruit for Ice Cream (Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, etc)

4thGrade Students: Ice Cream individual containers (any flavor)


1st Sunday of the Month Potluck/Activity


10:00-10:20 Morning Assembly

10:25-11:15 1st Period

11:20-12:10 2nd Period

12:15-12:55 3rd Period

1:00-1:50 Potluck and Activity

1:55 Prayer Salat Zuhr

2:05 Dismissal