Islamic Studies


Students are placed into classes based upon their grade level in K-5 classes. Middle and High School Students are grouped together with separate classes for Middle and High School Boys and Girls.


Strengthen our bond as a Muslim ummah through a greater understanding of Islam and their future role in Muslim society 


Masjid Bilal Weekend School Islamic Studies classes are based upon Islamic History, Manners, and Practice:

  • Emphasis on obedience to Allah and the Prophet (S) 
  • Prophet Muhammad (S) as a model in leadership, tolerance, forgiveness, Muslims, non-Muslims 
  • Stories of other Prophets 
  • Islamic etiquette
  • Perfection of prayer
  • Learning duas
  • Boys learning to give the athan


Islamic Studies Weekend Learning Series  textbooks and workbooks.


The Islamic Studies books for Masjid Bilal Weekend Schools are adapted from Weekend Learning Publishers which are based on a comprehensive 10-year curriculum. The curriculum covers broad aspects of Islam based on the Qur’an and authentic Hadith. 

The lessons in the curriculum are presented in a logical, systematic manner to suit the teaching needs of a weekend Islamic school. Topics are selected based on age, grade and the learning level of each grade.