Our Foundation


Founder Zafar Kureshi


In 1981, Brother Zafar Kureshi believed  all Muslim communities have the obligation to provide their children  with the necessary education to help develop their Muslim identity and  strong Islamic character and decided to put this to action. With this  goal in mind, Brother Kureshi set out to establish an Islamic Weekend  School for this neighboring community. It began as small classes held  once a week in different teachers' houses. Today, we are a well  established Sunday school with an entire staff run solely on volunteers  contributing their time and effort for the betterment of the community.  May Allah (SWT) reward Brother Kureshi for all his contributions.

Our  objective of our Sunday school is to teach students a curriculum covering three essential areas on Islamic  study, practice and history.

Former Principals


Since the inception of this Islamic  weekend school, many individuals have selflessly contributed their time  and effort for the betterment of the community. We consider all our  former principals as vital pillars to this weekend school. Without their  dedication for the betterment of this school, we would not be able to  work towards our goal for providing the children of this community with  the adequate knowledge needed to develop a strong Muslim identity May  Allah (SWT) reward them for their valuable contributions.

Sister Mumtaz Javaid

Brother Iqbal Alam 

Sister Sajida Kureshi 

Sister Bilquis  

Brother Zabidi Yusoff

Brother Zafar Kureshi 

Dr. Muhammad Amin