Dress Code



All students and staff of the Masjid Bilal Weekend School are required to dress in accordance with Islamic modestly and decently, upholding the personal dignity according to practices of the Islamic faith. 


A container will be placed into the office filled with donations for appropriate prayer clothing should any student arrive not dressed for prayer or outside the appropriate approved dress code.

Clothing should not have rips or tears and should not have inappropriate messages written or depicted on them. Parents must make sure that children come to school clean, well groomed, and dressed according to the Masjid Bilal Weekend School Dress Code.  

Dress Code



  •  Loose fitting, full length garments and a scarf covering the head adequately.
  • No shorts



  • Full sleeve or Half sleeve  shirts and full-length pants. No shorts.
  • No body piercing
  • No extremely loose or baggy pants.
  • No sleeveless shirts
  • No backward caps


Teachers, Volunteers & Parents

The Masjid Bilal Weekend School respectfully asks that all teachers, volunteers and parents observe the same dress code, when they visit the Masjid during school hours.