School Rules Reminder


As we have reached the 4th month of school it is time for a School Rules Reminder.


Respect: the main rule at Masjid Bilal Weekend School is respect. 

  • Respect the teacher
  • Respect your classmates
  • Respect the classroom
  • Respect the masjid
  • Respect yourself
  • And most of all respect Allah (swt)

No running, shouting, foul language, or engaging in harmful activities that may harm masjid property.

  • Follow directions
  • Raise your hand to speak
  • Be in class on time
  • Be prepared for class
  • No cellphones in class
  • Do not use any other form of technology while in class
  • If you must leave the classroom for any reason they must have a classroom ID tag. 
  • Only one student at a time may go to the restroom.



Students are the top priority at the Masjid Bilal Weekend School. I order to provide each student with the education they need students must attend classes regularly and be on time.  

SCHOOL HOURS 10:00am-2:00pm

  • Attendance- Regular attendance is expected and required. 
  • Tardiness- Students arriving late will be marked tardy. Parents will be contacted for repeated tardiness.
  • Early  Dismissal- A written signed note or an email from a parent and written  permission from the office is required for early dismissal.

●NOTE:  It is the responsibility of students and parents to work with  individual teachers for arranging for make-up of missed homework,  quizzes and tests.

In  case of the forecast of inclement/severe weather conditions, the Masjid  Bilal Weekend School administration team will make announcements  regarding closure of Weekend School via the Masjid Bilal Weekend School  Facebook Group Remind, WhatsApp and e-mail. 

(Parents: Please ensure that school administration has your most up to date contact information at all times)

Parent Teacher Conferences


December 15th


Parents are encouraged to join the Masjid Bilal Weekend School for ourParent Teacher Conferences. Parents discuss their child's progress and expectations of the teachers and parents. The weekend School will not be providing instruction or  lunch for students. 

Culture Day


Today we live in a growing global population that is able to more freely interact with each other than in the recent past thanks to technology and greater ease in transportation, alhamduillah. Due to this blessing we are able to interact and learn about each other through language, customs, food, art, and clothing. 

Each class has been assigned a culture in the world and will be presenting this culture on January 6th during the Potluck Culture Day. This day students will visit each other's  counties and filling out their Culture Day Passport's. All students that visit all counties and receive a stamp for filling out the information within their book will receive a Culture Day prize. 

December Recognition


Student of the Month







Middle/High School Boys

Middle/High School Girls

Teacher of the Month

Omar Badat

Volunteer of the Month

Amirah Khan